Written By: Mark Janzen Photos By: Ian Muir / Paige Stewart At first, Ghislaine Landry doesn’t exactly describe the sevens game in the most appealing terms.    “Sevens is a gut-busting game,” says the captain of Canada’s women’s sevens team. “No matter how fit you are, it hurts.”  She goes on:   “Right from the start, you’re just gasping for air.”  Then, she gets to the pay off:   “But when things go well, it’s just the greatest feeling.”  Two weeks ago, when Canada finished a disappointing fourth in Dubai to open the 2017-18 World Rugby Women’s Sevens Series, the former was there, as it always is. But...
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Written By: Doug Crosse  Photos By: Ruck Science/I Expert Magazine  Think of some of the most titanic battles between major rugby foes over the last decade. Now think of the variety of plays that blurred the lines of fair play and resulted in yellow or red cards, or if no cards, resulted in post-match citings. Did you know that often it was a Canadian that was called upon to resolve the questions of law surrounding suspensions, mitigating circumstances, and the meting out of punishments?   Graeme Mew is an Ontario Superior Court of Justice judge who, when he hangs up his black...
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Written By: Adam McQueen In the Canadian rugby landscape, both Shawnigan Lake School and St. George’s School are synonymous with excellence. Each program has pumped out national team talent, boasting an endless list of former players that have donned the red and white for Canada at the XV’s and 7’s level. In recent years, they have continuously raised the benchmark of success for schools across British Columbia to aspire toward, meeting in six of the past eight provincial championships. Yet, the on-field dominance is merely a by-product of greater goals that both programs share. St. George’s and Shawnigan Lake each...
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