Written By: Andrea Burk At the end of a season, recalls coach Damian McGrath, “I always ensure it’s never seen as the end! I set the scene for the next step as we pause to draw breath from the last. “I highlight the positives and get excited over the 'room for improvement'. Clear the mind with a break from the regular routine, but lay out what is to come. I like to see it as a movie trailer – a taste of what’s in store. Each individual [is] reviewed (including support staff) so everyone has a clear picture of where...
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Written By: Andrea Burk Photo Credit: Ron LeBlanc Damian McGrath, Canada Men’s 7s coach, said it best at the BCRU Vancouver 7s Kickoff Luncheon: “Everyone played their role and played really well, together,” he recalled of the team’s first ever HSBC World Series win in Singapore in 2017.  Few experiences match that feeling where everything ‘flows’ and the team reaches a state of true performance. Resolution was about acceptance of perspectives and strengths through which comes group cohesion.  Performance is the direct result of this way of being and leads to higher functioning roles and the awareness of how to...
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