Written By: Doug Crosse My first experiences covering the Canadian rugby team went back to the mid 1990s when I was a freelancer for the Toronto Star. The 1996 Pan Am series involving the US, Argentina, Canada, and Uruguay was taking place in Ontario, with stops at Twin Elm Park in Ottawa, Fletcher’s Fields in Markham, and the Hornet’s Nest in Hamilton. It was all pretty basic stuff, with crowds in the 1500 to 2500 range.  For the time it was pretty exciting, but when you hold it up to the spectacle of the Vancouver 7s event over the past...
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Written By: Andrea Burk What do people, personalities, and team culture have in common? Personalities are to people what culture is to a team.  Both personalities and cultures can be developed.  These are naturally always developing via external and internal forces, so one might as well work to consciously develop attributes that serve the goals that lay ahead of them. The life-cycle of a team goes through five distinct phases:   Coming together Conflict & challenge Resolution Production & performance Ending & disbanding  Each phase has distinct characteristics, task activities, and group behaviours. It is also important to note that each...
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Written By: Karen Gasbarino-Knutt Many rugby fans in North America don’t just watch their home nations or regional rugby. If that were the case, in many instances we would be bereft of rugby for months at a time. Instead, we supplement our viewing with rugby from abroad: Super Rugby from down south, Top 14 from France, Premiership in England, and more. Another way we supplement our enjoyment of the game is through following players, teams, and other aficionados on social media. It’s in this place that we can see how teams celebrate the hoisting of the coveted cup, an unexpected...
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