Written By: Brock Smith From 80 minutes to 49 seconds. Cam Stones’ unorthodox, expedited path from elite-level rugby player to Olympic bobsledder may not seem like the most natural transition. From the outside looking in, the juxtapositions between the sports seem to indicate that the two have little in common: going from grass to ice, from rucks and mauls to precise technical movements planned to the nth degree, from waging war in the scrum to hurtling down an frozen chute at breakneck speeds (upwards of 150 km/h)… with so many inherent differences, how could the two sports draw from the...
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You work hard on and off the pitch, and there is no way that you like stuffing yourself into tight, ill-fitting clothes. Comfort and performance are paramount, of course. We at Ædelhard have you covered with the basics. Style shouldn’t come with sacrifice, after all. Here are some style ideas for spring that will help you look good whilealso helping you to feel good: We get asked often what shoes one should wear with our apparel. For most social or corporate-light occasions, flat top sneakers like Lanvin or Common Projects will do the trick, especially if the brainstorming begins fresh from a...
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Written By: Andrea Burk  Photo Credit: Ron Leblanc We all saw it. Canada's Olympic gold medal dreams vanished as they fell 17-5 to Australia – the eventual Olympic Champions – in the semi-finals at the Summer Games 2016 in Rio de Janeiro. In rugby sevens, there isn’t a lot of time to turn around from a loss. Canada had about an hour and a half to prepare for the bronze medal match and everyone was hurting. What does it take to move through a challenging place and come out on top? Olympic bronze medalist and 2017 World Rugby Women’s 7s player of the year...
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