Written By: Brock Smith “For a bunch of bruisers like us, we leave the pitch with sweat-soaked shirts, sore bodies, and big, goofy smiles. We give our all.”  Ontario Arrows captain Mike Sheppard speaks passionately when describing his club’s typical training session, offering a wry grin from underneath a bushy, lumberjackian beard. “We work hard at training, harder than most of us ever have before,” the 29-year-old says, offering a behind-the-scenes look at life as part of the fledgling professional outfit. “We take this opportunity seriously, and we treat it with the professionalism it deserves. It can be tiring, and...
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Photos By: Mark Janzen We had great feedback last week when we posted Mark's photo-story about the BC Finals. There is something really compelling about crisp, clear action shots of the world coming together.  Last weekend the HSBC Seven's World Series was hosted in Langford, and it was a gorgeous, sunny, successful weekend once again of the world coming together. Mark was on hand all weekend, pitchside, capturing the images that will live in the collective rugby conscience for a long time to come.  Our women's team came from behind to end up fifth, with a strong day two effort. ...
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Written By: Karen Gasbarino-Knutt Blaine Scully is one of the relatively few North American players to secure not one but two professional contracts with top-ranking clubs in the UK. It’s a rare occurrence for rugby players from 'home' to have the great fortune and experience of playing overseas. It’s also very lucky for the Canadian and American supporters; not only do we see our heroes play on a regular basis if we watch professional rugby, but they bring that experience back to their teams. It’s a great win-win. For 30 year old Scully, it’s been a great win all around for...
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