Written By: Andrea Burk Photo By: Ron LeBlanc One thing I love about rugby is that it is a sport that truly values the power of people and community to provide for an uplifting experience.  On the field, and in life, performance can be attributed to many things.  As long as I’ve been competing, I learn time and again that performance not only comes from things like good hard work and recovery, but also from good people... Think about it…have you ever achieved anything without the contribution of others? I’ve been extremely fortunate to have experienced the opportunities and successes...
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  Written By: Chris Perotte The Invictus Games, the brainchild of Prince Harry, is a sporting event for men and women who have served their country in the armed forces.  Last week we shared some lines from the poem “Invictus” written by William Ernest Henley. This week we offer more of the poem that inspired Prince Harry to create The Games: “In the fell clutch of circumstance        I have not winced nor cried aloud.  Under the bludgeonings of chance        My head is bloody, but unbowed.”   Wheelchair rugby is an intense and fun sport for all to participate in, whether...
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Written By: Brock Smith  Passion. Solidarity. Respect. These are a few of rugby’s core values, celebrated globally as the sport’s character-building characteristics. Every rugby club produces countless examples of players showcasing these values; from quick acts like shaking hands with every opponent post-match before leaving the pitch, to volunteering hours on end to coach junior club sides, club members demonstrate rugby’s values each and every day. Oftentimes, these values will transcend the pitch and clubhouse, and spill out into the greater community. “Rugby clubs are so much more than just sports teams,” posits Len Day, president of Barrie Rugby Football...
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