Written By: Andrea Burk Over the past six articles, I have explained ways that teams can be led through the human (that is the social-emotional) process to performance and transformation. Through each phase, decorated Canadian National Team players and coaches recalled defining moments and their coaching expertise for navigating each stage. Pictures, personas, examples, analogies, lessons and stories expanded on the distinct characteristics of Beginnings, Challenge, Resolution, Performance and Transformation to show: The human response to task demands and responsibility The human response to each other Potential emotional responses How to motivate team members Common leadership challenges, and How to adapt leadership...
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Written By: Andrea Burk What do people, personalities, and team culture have in common? Personalities are to people what culture is to a team.  Both personalities and cultures can be developed.  These are naturally always developing via external and internal forces, so one might as well work to consciously develop attributes that serve the goals that lay ahead of them. The life-cycle of a team goes through five distinct phases:   Coming together Conflict & challenge Resolution Production & performance Ending & disbanding  Each phase has distinct characteristics, task activities, and group behaviours. It is also important to note that each...
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