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Sunglasses: Another Ultimate Accessory for the Modern Gentleman

With longer days, warmer nights, and summer right around the corner, summer accessories are a must-have for the coming months. As with the watch, sunglasses can be both functional and fashionable when chosen correctly. We’re all aware of how the sun’s rays affect our eyes, so at the forefront it’s protection we’re after. Luckily for the consumer at any price point, most sunglasses provide excellent SPF and anti UV levels. Whether round, square or rectangular, high-street or designer; whatever your choice, bring on the shade parade.

You can’t underestimate the power of a good pair of shades. Period. This season has seen some of the most fashion-forward styles and signature comebacks hit the shelves, with pieces that will add flare to any outfit. You might be a signature staple gentleman, or perhaps you change it up depending on the mood or occasion and could derive inspiration from Tony Stark’s personal favourites. Whatever the case, there’s a pair of sunglasses to suit everyone. This is one piece of summer gear that is undoubtedly a quintessential must-have.

The most important aspect to choosing your eyepiece is your face shape. Round faces work best with square-lensed sunglasses. Pair your 24HR performance blazer in either black or blue with the timeless pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarerers. If you’re loyal to the maximalist take on fashion, these are the shades for you. The straight lines and square shapes will provide more structure and definition to your face.

Having been featured in classic Hollywood movies such as Easy Rider and Taxi Driver, this is a classic style that’s here to stay. These gunmetal tone frames will be a favourite with every gentleman for their flattering appearance. They are durable and resilient.

Faces that are more triangular or heart shaped would be best paired with classic aviators. The sleek metal frame and teardrop lens have been a favourite not just for fighter jet pilots but for the young professional. For a slightly dressed-down but sharp-looking ensemble try pairing Burberry’s Detail Pilots with the Sky Blue Union Pullover to impress.

Aviators are the in-thing right now and forever; they’ve been in vogue since World War II. Over time Hollywood cemented their popularity. The aviators’ popularity can be accredited to the flyboys but doesn’t stop there. They can be obtained at any price point, with a variety of lens tints and finishes, and every designer boasts their own take on the classic styling.

Finally, a square face shape requires soft curves and round edges to offset the angles of your face. Persol null 52 is a classy and exclusive style that can complement the jawline, cheekbone and forehead evenly. Throwing a pair of Persol’s on with your Performance Trousers can revitalize your outfit and turn heads.

For something discernibly different, try a pair of tortoiseshell sunglasses. Steve McQueen arguably put tortoiseshell shades on the map with his role in The Thomas Crown Affair. If you’re looking for an everyday pair, these are a great style. The marbled pattern goes with practically anything because of the neutral black and brown shades. They will soon turn into your go-to pair.

Now, we know that there is no such thing as too many pairs of sunglasses. We’ve offered you a versatile bunch that can all be head-turners. I think we can safely boast that with this list we have you covered to make some cool cameos in shades of shades. Don’t you think? You’ll be covered accessory-wise with any of these choices as well as protected from the sun. You’ll look and feel amazing which is our precise aim. Have a fantastic summer.