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Stemming from the history of an old English private club and our love for rugby, Ædelhard aims to strengthen the importance of honour, respect and societal discourse in our daily practice, on and off the field. Beneath the seaming barbarism and occasional debauchery often associated with rugby, lives a sport rooted in respect and a strict code of conduct. It is a game that instills teamwork and discipline. It is about inclusivity; a game played by both men and women with the same rules and the same setup.

Rugby is not just about winning. It is about motivation, sacrifice, and courage; the ability to overcome adversity and failure. It’s about a tribe united, and having a sense of belonging. And, we invite you to support us in spreading practice of values and honour through the game of rugby. Our pledge is to donate 2% of our sales to developing youth rugby through programs in your communities. This is our beginning. It is not just a game.

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