Ædelhard was founded to help evolve the concept of the modern gentleman. Too often in the past, masculinity has worked against inclusivity, positivity, and respect. We are redefining what it means to be a modern gentleman through stories, products and experiences. We are purveyors of performance tailoring for the modern gentleman combining classic tailoring with technical fabrics. Comfort. Style. Performance. A match made in heaven.


How can we learn from history and reshape the story of the modern gentleman? Certainly we can take the best of what we saw in our own history and evolve it to benefit all of humanity today. The concept of the modern gentleman is not a status for elites. There is no hierarchy desiring to extend a toxic patriarchy. A concept of the modern gentleman is a set of choices founded in values. The base line of the self-description of modern gentleman must be equality, inclusiveness, and a desire to shatter walls that divide us. We must choose to behave in a manner that elevates discourse, openness, respect, and a willingness to elevate all people. Rising tides lift all ships, after all.





Modern gentlemen love sports like rugby because it exemplifies their values: chivalry, respect, inclusivity, sportsmanship, and fun. Sport as a cultural influence is absolutely powerful. As a reflection of current societal discourse and as an influence on the masses, sports, much like music and religion, weaves its way into the cultural fabric of communities globally.