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A Week of Tailoring, Ædelhard-style

By: Ædelhard

The modern gentleman is polite, courteous, and sophisticated, and this is reflected in how he dresses.

Not only can how one dresses impact one’s confidence, according to research it can also improve one’s performance at work. With Ædelhard’s suiting now combining sports apparel comfort and performance with a classic tailoring style, no longer are any sacrifices required.

Modern gentlemen can be comfortable and stylish.

Ædelhard’s performance tailoring is designed akin to rugby kit. We call it kit dressing, and all tops and bottoms mix and match. This takes away any decision fatigue you might have in the morning, making getting dressed quick and easy.

We have all heard how Steve Jobs, Barack Obama, and Mark Zuckerberg have worn the same suits/clothes every day so they have one less decision to make. Ædelhard may not make you a tech guru or President of the United States, but it can elevate your personal style.

But how to style that suit while meeting the standards of the modern gentleman?

From Monday to Thursday, match your Ædelhard performance tailoring tops and bottoms. To ensure a tailored look, make sure your suit jackets are fit at your shoulder and do not drape over. Mix and match your shirts, and sport that knit tie.

But adhere to these three rules of the game: Unfasten the bottom button of that jacket at all times. Match your leathers (shoes and belts). And hem your sleeve to show off a half inch of shirt cuff at your wrist.

Make sure to not over-accessorize: too much jewelry and you risk distracting from the tailoring. A nice pocket square, bright (or no) socks, and a classic timepiece. And call it a day. Modern gentlemen avoid pocket watches and fedoras.

Thursday evenings are meant to cut loose: take off that tie and put on flat top sneakers. Have fun with your sneakers – the brighter the better. For casual Friday, swap your trousers out for a grey pant for a modern take on the classic blue blazer and grey pant look. Feeling frisky? Then sport Ædelhard performance denim.

Forget about those sweatpants. On Saturday, channel that 70’s Mick Jagger look with a rugby shirt underneath your blazer. On Sunday at brunch, match your performance trousers with a track jacket, or wrap a rugby shirt around your shoulders.

Modern gentlemen take on their business lives much as they take on their athletics; Competitively, passionately, respectfully, and with sportsmanship.

With Ædelhard they can always dress to win.