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Adapting to the Norm You're Facing

We here at Ædelhard are big proponents of staying healthy, physically and mentally. As we work toward flattening the curve on an international scale, we wanted to provide some suggestions as to how you can make your lifestyle as accommodating as possible during this unconventional time. We’ve compiled a list of ideas from multiple different sources, as well as incorporated a few elements of our own, to make your quarantine lifestyle a little more entertaining. If you have any further suggestions you’d like to contribute, do let us know by tagging us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!

First and foremost, we do want to highlight that the primary source of up-to-date information on how to best protect yourself and others is the Centers for Disease Control’s website. Please click here for their comprehensive guides to remind yourself of proper COVID-19 etiquette and how you can do your part to stop the spread of the virus.

Alternatively, the Government of Canada is also a trusted source with current information that can be accessed here.

Cleaning Considerations

Whether the shelves of cleaning supplies at your local store are still empty or you want to try an alternative disinfecting product, the United States Environmental Protection Agency has released a list of 392 disinfectants for use against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. Also, we feel obligated to state the obvious; these products are for cleaning surfaces and NOT for use on humans. Click here to compare all the recommended products with their active ingredients and disinfection directions.

“Seating” You Up for Success

Odds are, your WFH setup hasn’t been exactly like your desk at work. Yes we’re talking to you, the ones that don’t bother to roll out of bed while they nestle up in their cocoon of sheets with their laptop propped on their stomach. It’s important to make sure a WFH setup is as adequate as possible so you can aim to follow a similar routine to what you’re used to and avoid incurring any aches and pains from bad posture. Here are our recommended tips that we’ve been using from our home offices:

  1. Uncross your legs: although this is a habit many of us do without realizing, it can cause hip misalignment over time
  2. Practice a neutral posture: keep your monitor at eye level so your head doesn’t tilt, pull your shoulders back flat against the chair, and use a lumbar support tool to help you prevent slouching
  3. Movement breaks: Give yourself quick breaks every hour to get your body moving to avoid back pain. We actually prefer to incorporate some yoga flow movements throughout the day
  4. Create a standing desk: Repurpose your kitchen counter or dresser (likely with a standing desk converter or a stack of books if you’re looking for a quick fix) to create your very own DIY standing desk. Standing while working can help promote blood flow through the body and keep your posture neutral without having to force yourself. One of our team members has reported feeling much more energized and productive during the day since transitioning over to her standing desk.

For more information about workplace ergonomics and how to improve your posture at work, check out the link by clicking here.

Learning Entertainment

If you’re looking for ways to repurpose your free time into productive activities, or you want to set an educational goal for yourself, try checking out all the free courses on Coursera. The site provides personalized recommendations based on your background, and many of these courses are easy to follow while providing a ton of fascinating information. Our personal recommendation is, The Science of Well-Being, offered by Yale University (their most popular course ever offered), which has been highly recommended and featured on outlets like Business Insider. There are thousands of learners enrolled in this 10-week course that focuses on how an individual can achieve maximum happiness. Hopefully by the time you finish this course, self-isolation will be a thing of the past and you can put your newfound skillset to use in the real world. If you’re interested in taking this course, check it out here.

There you have it! Hopefully now you have new tactics to adapt to your current lifestyle so you can remain safe, healthy, and happy. Remember, we’re all in this together and the sum of all our actions is made up of individual parts. Let’s work toward flattening that curve so we can re-connect with everyone on the other side.