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Adding Winter Layers without a Bulky Silhouette

The holidays have come and gone and now that you’re two weeks into the new year, your motivation to stick to your gym membership may be declining. It sure doesn’t help that it’s cold enough outside to justify wearing your ski jacket, which leaves you looking a little heftier than you would like. This week we’ve selected Mr Porter’s article: How can I add layers in winter without looking bulky (click here)? The title says it all. This is a read that’ll help you dress warmly without looking like you’ve added on one-too-many pounds recently.

As mentioned in the article, we’ve got you covered when it comes to finding the perfect base layer with our Union Rugby Pullover (check it out by clicking here). Finish off the look with the perfect tailored trousers in the form of our EOD Performance Trouser or our classic Marathon Denim.