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Ædelhard Booklist 2020

You don’t need to be a bookworm to enjoy a good book. Being well-read automatically makes you a much more interesting individual, so why don’t you add some of these titles to your repertoire? Finding your perfect book is no easy feat, but luckily we’ve gathered titles from our trusted colleagues and combined them into the perfect Spring/Summer reading list.

True Stories and Ones Inspired by Them

The Tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris

If you’re looking for a great true love story that endures the hardships of the World War 2 concentration camps, look no further. This is a true story about a man trying to survive in Auschwitz. The man is put to work by tattooing all of the prisoners that arrive at the camp. While tattooing a girl that enters the camp, he becomes smitten. They end up falling in love, only to be separated after the Germans lose the war. A number of years later they cross paths in Eastern Europe and start a life together.

Beartown by Fredrik Backman

This is the story of a small-town junior hockey program trying to become the best junior hockey program in the country. They manage to make it all the way to the finals, yet are rocked by a disturbing legal case involving the team’s MVP. For a unique spin on Canada’s most beloved sport, this book incorporates relevant issues in today’s society.

State of Fear by Michael Chrichton

This story follows a wealthy philanthropist and his lawyer working to obstruct a group of eco-terrorists, who are trying to promote the idea of global warming in order to prove their point that it exists. They believe that their actions will help them obtain more money through their climate change charities.

Talking to Strangers by Malcolm Gladwell

This is a timely book and incredibly relevant given the current state of the world. A classic Gladwell book, he talks about how little we actually know about one another. He uses radical examples of political and social scandals to illustrate his point. It is definitely a conversation-starter as to how we can get to know each other better. This is a book that will help you self-reflect and learn how to better communicate with others.

Blitzed by Norman Ohler

Ohler’s perspective on the role of drugs pervasive in the entire Third Reich is undeniably fascinating. Cocaine, heroin, morphine, and most of all, methamphetamines, were rumoured to have been used by everyone and were a large variable in the early victories of the Germans. However, with excessive drug usage comes over-reliance and many other problems. This unconventional book about the Second World War helps offer a new perspective on understanding why the sequence of events may have transpired as they did.


Red Notice by Bill Browder

Red Notice is the true story of Bill Browder growing up a capitalist in a communist family while he builds his fortune in Eastern Europe and in particular, Russia. He was in over his head as he found himself caught up in the corruption of the Russian State. Browder was forced to leave Russia because of the level of corruption that he uncovered. Unfortunately, a colleague of his didn’t make it out. This book uses its interesting backdrop and story about business corruption as a way to offer guidance on building a growing business.

Acid for the Children by Flea

If you’ve read Scar Tissue by the Red Hot Child Peppers lead singer, Anthony Kiedis, this is an essential read for you as well. Band bassist Flea, has written this memoir as a way to chronicle his unconventional upbringing, describing everything that led to his eventual involvement in one of the world’s most iconic modern rock groups. His perspective varies significantly from Kiedis’ own, and paints a whole new story about this legendary duo.

Born a Crime by Trevor Noah

This comedy and late night star tells his incredible coming of age story which coincides directly with the aftermath of apartheid in South Africa. Trevor Noah takes on a humorous approach to dive into societal issues regarding race, which he knows only too well given that he’s the son of interracial parents. The events and encounters that Noah has faced are unheard of to most, but will undoubtedly help the reader broaden their horizons and understanding of what others face on a daily basis.

Shoe Dog by Philip H. Knight

This is the candid memoir of Nike founder and CEO, Phil Knight. The story of one of the world’s most successful brands is inspiring yet endearing to say the least. This book describes the entire journey, from the days long before Nike’s existence, to the multi-billion dollar company it is today.

Becoming by Michelle Obama

This iconic figure may be known to most, but this story dives deep into the life of former First Lady Michelle Obama, and shows her in a brand new light. Honest and captivating, Obama tells her life-story like it is and doesn’t hold back from sharing the valuable lessons she’s learned along the way.