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Artists to Add to Your Summertime Playlist

We gave you the playlists, now it’s time to give you the albums and artists that’ll get you grooving this Summer. Check out the list below for some well-known favourites and hidden gems to add to your library. You can’t help but feel good with these sounds:


If you’re looking for some funky catchy beats, look no further than Mike Posner. His most recent album, A Real Good Kid, is the hybrid of folksy soulful grooves we didn’t know we needed. Start your emotional journey by clicking here.

Lennon Stella’s airy and captivating voice will help transport you to a place where quarantine, self-isolation, and social distancing doesn’t exist. She just came out with a brand new album, Three. Two. One., that’ll put you in a blissful psychological state. Click here, close your eyes, and let her voice take you away.

There are some albums that seem to always be a part of your regular rotation no matter what year they were released in. Blonde came out in 2016, but the mellow and breezy voice of Frank Ocean makes it an incredible album nevertheless. Click here to make whatever leisurely activity you may be doing infinitely better.

COSMIC by Bazzi is another must-have for your library. This singer/songwriter has managed to get a number of songs off this album to the top charts. The smooth electronic pop sounds found here make these tracks versatile to suit every occasion.

With sunny car rides and beach days on the horizon, Surfaces has got you covered with Horizons. These tunes will put you in an upbeat mood instantly and are soon-to-be summer anthems. Check them out here.

For the indie and folk fanatics, Maggie Rogers has curated the ultimate soundtrack with Heard It In A Past Life for you to listen to with your friends. Each song that comes on is arguably better than the last. See for yourself here.


If you’re an extrovert who’s going stir crazy staying home, Don Diablo has got you covered in the interim for your at-home party/happy hour/end of week release. These rhythms will quickly be on your heavy rotation and will stay there even after self-quarantine is over, they’re just that good!

For those long days that never seem to end, decompress at the end of them with Russ. This hip-hop/R&B artist knows exactly what to say and how to say it for you to kick back and unwind.

If you’ve been subjected to the ear worm that is “La La Land,” then you know the effect Bryce Vine can have on you. Good news! He’s got a ton of other great songs to listen to as well and is currently working on his new upcoming album.

Rex Orange County is a new UK indie singer who just appeared on the scene. He is undeniably talented and has a voice that is simply made for picturesque road trips. This unique performer will soon be one of your top favourites.

We all love a little funk when the time is right. Leon Bridges combines the funk and the soul by using his singing and songwriting talent to bring the 50’s vibe back to life. Leave his music on in the background and it won’t take long for you to find yourself singing along.