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Be Performance Ready Even After a Long Flight

Travel is increasingly becoming a part of the modern gentleman’s life. Whether it be with family, to go see family, for business, or to go see the world, we are doing much more travel and with much more frequency.

Whatever your reason for travel, Ædelhard already has you kitted out with the performance tailoring that is not only comfortable for long haul flights, but packs “meeting ready” when you get to your destination.

But what about the rest of your “must have” travel kit?

Our friends at Mr. Porter, the Men’s Style Destination, have some great recommendations for how you can take care of your skin not only while away from your regular routine but while you’re traveling.

Did you know that you lose up to a litre and a half of water when you are in the air for long-haul flights? Do you know how to combat water retention in your legs and puffiness under your eyes?

Mr. Porter gives you some fantastic advice in this article, and links to the products that will ‘save your skin’ when you travel this summer and beyond. You’ve got nothing else to do on a flight, might as well moisturize. And before you think this is beyond the modern gentleman, think again. Our expert Phil Mackenzie can often be found on his social media combating the puffiness around his eyes while going about his Leantivities with his Leansquad. It doesn’t get much more manly than that. As he says, we take care of our bodies, so why don’t we take care of our skin, too?

Give a read and find your solutions for looking as good when you land as you did when you took off, Ædelhard suit jacket in hand: