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Converting Your Home into an Office Space

Our home is not always meant to function as an office, so a little reconfiguration may be in order to achieve your optimal WFH setup. Whether you’ve been working from home for the past month, or have just recently made the change, a refresher on how to convert your home into a personalized office space can often be helpful. Check out our pointers below on how to ensure you create an environment that’ll allow you to be as productive as possible.

To Sit or not to Sit

Typically, most of us will be seated during our work day and that’s absolutely okay. Just make sure that your posture is not suffering in your chair of choice, your monitor is close to eye level, and you have some sort of lumbar support to prevent back pain.

However, as we mentioned in our post last week, making the switch to a standing desk may be the best option for you. There are standing desk converters that can be placed on your existing desk. But, if you are looking for a more cost-effective option or a project to do in your spare time, we’ve got a few DIY options available too. Check out The Complete Guide to DIY Standing Desks by clicking here to see which option works best for your needs and lifestyle.

Natural Light

Setting up your workstation in an area of your home that offers views of the outdoors and natural light automatically creates a more calm and welcoming environment. There are countless sources online that show how natural light in office spaces improves worker satisfaction and productivity. There is no need to subject yourself through eye strain, headaches, drowsiness, and gloominess. This simple change will have an effect on your overall mood which will directly contribute to the quality of your results. Additionally, taking a few minutes out of every hour to simply stare out of your window can help ease the tension on your eyes and your mind from staring at a monitor for long undisrupted periods of time.

Interested in more ergonomic tips on how to incorporate outdoor elements inside? Check out the article by HMC Architects by clicking here.

Stretching During the Day

Whether you’re sitting or standing, remaining in a stagnant position throughout the day isn’t ideal for your body. Along with our recommendation that you look into the distance every hour to reduce eye strain, it’s also beneficial to take breaks and stretch in order to keep your body stimulated and blood circulating. Incorporating regular movement will help you feel energized and more alert throughout your day, rather than forcing yourself to power through your agenda while constantly getting distracted. This can be done by doing a quick stretch or exercise after every email you send or after every item crossed off your to-do list. Or, take 5 minutes out of every hour or so to do a quick yoga flow. Click here for a YouTube video is an easy-to-follow 5 minute yoga sequence which will get your body moving and energy flowing so you can remain productive when you re-commence your work day.

At-Home Aromatherapy

Humans are visual creatures, but being exposed to a desirable scent can also have incredible effects on cognition. Lighting your favourite candle for 30 minutes can be a ritual you do daily to help your mind relax. Use a scent that transports you back to a time where you were happy. Having a bouquet of fresh flowers can also stimulate both your vision with their beautiful sight, as well as your sense of smell by having that fresh aroma subtly present as you work (plus it will give you an opportunity to support your local florist). Lastly, and most highly recommended, a diffuser may be the perfect tool to help produce a pleasant, but not overbearing, smell that’ll provide comfort and stress-relief throughout your entire day. There are plenty of oils available for purchase from different suppliers, so there is little doubt that you will find the perfect scent to help you set the mood for a great day, every day.

Now you’re equipped with the proper tools to make your home office feel like a space that’ll allow you to function at an optimal capacity. There’s no need to suffer throughout your workday, taking care of your needs will show in your results. Take care of yourself and the rest will follow!