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Gentlemen’s Fashion – Choosing the Modern Belt

A tried and true accessory that goes beyond holding your pants in place, a gentleman’s belt is much more than a soulless, style-less accessory used for the sole purpose to keep your trousers up. This reasoning can cause a shortfall in your creativity, and most importantly your style.

Belts are ever-evolving, and to determine what the best options are, it’s best to stay attuned to the trends. To help like-minded gentlemen gather information on the search for the perfect belt, we at Ædelhard offer some hints and advice for he who is seeking to make the ultimate statement with their belt.


The anatomy of a belt is straightforward, consisting of three main factors – the strap, keeper loop, and buckle. The strap and the buckle can come in various patterns, shapes, thicknesses, materials and even colours. The abundance of styles will be a predominant factor when considering which belt is right for you.


The material the belt is made of is the next principle that defines the style and quality of your belt. Cotton and leather are two types of materials, and you will find they make quite the opposite statement.

Cotton (or as it is often referred, canvas) tends to fluctuate in and out of fashion. This doesn’t mean you should avoid it, but staying current on the subject is paramount. The versatility of canvas allows for different colours, patterns, and designs. A general rule of thumb is that it is reserved for khakis and shorts, from denim to khaki multi-pocket, to pleated golf shorts.

Leather is undoubtedly the go-to for most gents, being a timeless, durable, and sturdy option.

You may have come across low-quality leathers or even faux leather which begin to wear & tear within the first year, or sooner. To avoid this common mistake, select a full or top grain leather, as it is widely acknowledged as the premium choice. Not only are they resilient, their unique markings are evident, and they are known to wear out handsomely.


Now that we have the first two components squared away, we can consider the different styling options and how to incorporate the modern belt into your wardrobe.

Casual Outfit – The nature of what casual means varies from gentleman to gentleman, but this allows freedom in styling. One example might be pairing the white or light coloured union rugby pullover with a pair of performance denims and dark blue vans. In this case you might opt for a canvas belt with a stripe or two and a bit of extra overhang.

Formal Outfit – Without a doubt the belt is commonly associated with a formal or semi-formal approach. When in search of a belt, opt for full-grain leather with a minimalist buckle. Choose shades of brown, dark grey, or black, as these colours are versatile and fit into most gentlemen’s attire. You’ll be timeless.

In some instances, although seeming counterintuitive, wearing a belt may not always be the preferred choice. It’s best to not wear a belt at all if you wish to feature another item in your outfit. This offers a nonchalant air and helps to feature trouser details such as a tailored waistline fit.

Choosing a belt can be as easy as choosing a full-grain leather in black. The approach to style from the modern gentleman has become more inclusive, stepping out of the norm.

It seems like an easy task but can be daunting. But don’t let it get to you – just think about how amazing you’re going to look head to toe.

Happy shopping, modern gentleman.