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Quarantine Seasonal Cleaning

The temptation to go outside on a sunny day can feel unbearable, especially if you’re in quarantine. But now that Spring has come and gone, it’s time to finally get to the annual Spring cleaning that you’ve been putting off! We’ve found the perfect checklist to aid you through your decluttering, disinfecting, and organizing.

Here’s our personal tip – create a strategy to organize your winter clothes so you’re set for success when the seasons change. Ideas to consider include:

  • Lightly clean your jackets now if you choose, but save the real cleaning for the Fall. Set a reminder on your calendar in late October to dig up your winter jackets and refresh them so they’re at their peak wearability when it’s time to put them on.
  • Invest in some vacuum storage bags for your Winter clothes so you can make the most out of your space and have them out of the way and protected until you need them.
  • Incorporate the Marie Kondo method with your shirts and fold-roll them so when you open your drawer you can easily see all your options at once (move your winter ones to the back and your summer ones to the front).

If quarantine has taught us anything, it’s the value of cleanliness. It’s time to apply the positive habits you’ve developed these past few months into your daily life! Click here to start your deep cleaning.