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The Spring Collection for the Modern Gentleman

When Victorian-era author Anthony Trollope uttered the phrase, “and though it is much to be a nobleman, it is more to be a gentleman,” he was no doubt speaking of the merits of the values and behaviours exhibited by the Victorian Gentleman. In mid-1800s England, the transition of the status of ‘Gentleman’ transitioned from who one’s father was to how one behaved, dressed, and presented one’s self.

150 years on, dressing like a gentleman is still aspirational to most. What has changed, however, is a desire to match comfort with style.

Modern gentlemen refuse to compromise comfort in order to look good. It is hard to live a high-performing life stuffed into a tight, three-piece suit and top hat. There is good news, however! With emerging fabric technology, looking good while in supreme comfort has never been easier.

Cue Ædelhard’s performance tailoring: technical fabrics meet classic tailoring.

On the surface, our new line of classic sports coats and trousers offer a timeless addition to your closet. Dig deeper, and it is the little details that will offer a pleasant surprise: Mesh pockets bring comfort as well as lay flatter against your legs. Side tab adjusters mimic tuxedo trousers, offering both elegance and function. Our woven trousers have key ring belt loops and hints of grosgrain across the line, offering touches of luxury.

The life of a modern gentleman is a full-contact lifestyle. No one has endless time to stand in front of their closet and choose the right outfit; kit dressing eliminates decision fatigue in the morning. Specifically, all Ædelhard tops and bottoms colour match so that you can choose any top and combine with any bottom and rest assured, knowing that you will look and feel great.

The collection is based around the classic hues of blue, black, and grey. We then add complementary seasonal colours to enhance the look. All the colours interweave with one another in a way that all of the pieces add up to complete the puzzle, no matter how they are paired. From there, accessories such as a tie can add a touch of colour or texture to the entire outfit.

Ædelhard is a purveyor of performance tailoring and creates apparel and accessories to enhance your high-performance life. Start dressing like a modern gentleman by clicking HERE.

Behaving like a gentleman? That’s on you!