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Thoughts on Fall Layering

By: Ædelhard

Although there are no holiday lights hung yet, this weather is making us feel like it is getting to be that time! Now that you are layering up, let us guide you on the latest trends.

In honour of Remembrance Day just having occured, and thinking of the importance of the 100th anniversary of the signing of the Armistice agreement, It is fitting that the trends this season have military roots, which you may not be aware of. Read our four looks to consider this autumn here:

  1. Biker Jacket, 2 Ways

Once an important jacket to keep the moto set safe from spills, the biker jacket has transitioned into the cool and timeless classic. A great leather jacket carries both the history of their badass past (beginning as a fighter-pilot jacket in the 1920s), but also the history of the wearers themselves. Biker jackets are loved for the character they build as they mold to the individual’s body over the years. This type of jacket is not to fit in, it’s to stand out.

These two biker looks are sported for a casual cool look and for leisure, whether that is meeting up with friends or just strolling through the city on errands.

The first look has three layers. Wear it with the dress shirt untucked and a knit tie knotted loosely for a casual vibe. Remove the rake shirt, tuck in the dress shirt and tighten the tie knot to transition to business casual with the rake shirt wrapped around the shoulders and jacket held in hand.

Alternatively, throw on your Ædelhard Jagger-inspired Rugby shirt. The blue and yellow stripes are a bold boost of colour to lift up spirits on a cold day. His shirt is buttoned to the top to neaten the look for a more elegant collegiate vibe. The idea here is if you are pairing a bold shirt with a bold jacket, it should be done neatly. This look is good for Sundays off or any casual and relaxed setting.

  1. The Mac Coat

The Mac Coat was developed as a more minimal and understated version of the trench coat, and was developed as an alternative to the coats worn by soldiers in the First World War. The jacket is perfect for cool temperatures and precipitation. It’s minimal details in terms of trimmings and pockets ensures an understated look but it’s length and ode to the past makes certain it never goes unnoticed.

Wear the Mac Coat when it’s chilly in the city with a chance of precipitation. Pull it on over a full Ædelhard suit with knit tie for business in the daytime, which can transition into casual for the evening. Remove the tie and roll it up into the Mac Coat pocket for a casual drink after work.

  1. Monochromatic Bomber Outfit

The Bomber displayed is a sleek, minimal city-appropriate version of the bomber jackets once worn by European Air Forces. Sport this in a business casual environment (seen here grey on grey). A best practice for dressing in monochromatic colours is to dress with many shades of the same colour, the sweet spot being to combine three shades of one colour. Two shades builds the canvas, while the third shade adds the final touch. This has an added benefit of helping us avoid the decision fatigue that comes with trying to match different colours. Paired with Ædelhard knit tie, dress shirt, and trouser, we have the look of a well-tailored suit with the Bomber taking the place of the blazer to take it down a notch in formality. This look is good for the entrepreneur on the go who is taking a meeting outside of the boardroom, perhaps over cocktails.

  1. Classic Wool Pea Coat

This iconic jacket was worn by the navy and popularized by the British. Its collars can be worn up to block winds in the winter. Wear this look when you do business in the winter, even in the boardroom. Remove the tie and blazer to transition into business casual. The Pea Coat design has not changed much in its history; its lapels are similar to those on a suit, lending it a dressy attire aesthetic. This is what makes it pair so well with Ædelhard suiting.

With heavier coats you want the sleeves of what you’re wearing underneath to be covered by the sleeve of the overcoat. With lighter coats like the biker, it’s ok to show some cuff of the shirt you’re wearing underneath, hence the side zippers found on a lot of leather jackets open up.

Knit ties tend to be slimmer than business ties with a flat bottom. The slimmer look and flat bottom construction modernizes your look, which is why it is so often paired with modern day casual outfits such as denim with knit sweaters and leather jackets. As modern and casual as the knit tie is, it still is a tie, and therefore it can transition into business or wedding/formal. Its rougher texture adds that final touch of colour and texture to any classic coloured suit.

Today we dress for success and comfort. Let us not forget that these styles started in a very different time and for different reasons; wear these pieces with respect and reverence and your head held high like the modern – and past – gentleman.