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Ædelhard’s Hints to Accessorize for Spring

You work hard on and off the pitch, and there is no way that you like stuffing yourself into tight, ill-fitting clothes. Comfort and performance are paramount, of course. We at Ædelhard have you covered with the basics. Style shouldn’t come with sacrifice, after all. Here are some style ideas for spring that will help you look good whilealso helping you to feel good:

We get asked often what shoes one should wear with our apparel. For most social or corporate-light occasions, flat top sneakers like Lanvin or Common Projects will do the trick, especially if the brainstorming begins fresh from a flight. The key to an appropriate sneaker-and-suit combination is combining classic kicks such as Stan Smiths and fitted trousers.

However, when dressing for an important meeting or if you tread the formal floors of law or banking firms, the first thought is usually Grenson brogues or Oxfords. All this said, if you don chunky high tops, you run the risk of resembling a rebellious sixth-former.

For the rainy days of spring, cover up in a sporty trench and don’t forget your 10 rib, 60” wide-canopy Ædelhard weather-combat umbrella. This is truly a gentlefolk’s umbrella. Can you get away with a backpack? Yes, if it is a sleek, elegant, Ædelhard technical backpack. Fits all your important office needs, compliments your silhouette, and resists the rain.

When hit with sun, channel your inner John Lennon with these Warby Parker circle frames celebrating the old look in a modernized way. These frames are characterized by rounded–or perfectly circular–lenses and frames and give off a cool, trendy-meets-vintage vibe. Though round frames are traditionally associated as being the frame of choice for those seeking a vintage edge, a pair of these frames can make the entire outfit fresh and elevated.

For cool spring evenings, accent the look with a rollneck sweater or mock neck merino below the blazer: John Smedley or for a bargain, Uniqlo.  Bonus tip: do as they do in rugby and wear it over the shoulder. Make sure you tie the sweater a little askew having it slanted ever-so-slightly to one side (although not so much as to appear deliberate, of course). It helps if the knitwear is thin - a fine merino that looks a little wrinkled and rumpled.


For those cooler days look to the big screen. James Bond does it. McQueen did it. And the pages of men's magazines can't get enough of it. We're, of course, talking about pairing a turtleneck with a suit for a refined look that's the epitome of elegance in menswear. What really seals the deal? The thinner the knit is, the easier it will be to add as a sleek layer with a blazer, a leather jacket, or a wool topcoat. Stick to dark colours like black, blue, grey, or burgundy, which will suit the transition into spring looks. The one (and subjectively only) pitfall of a turtleneck is the task of actually putting it on, so remember to style your hair only after you have put on your sweater!

Formalize your look with a Garrison knit tie. Knitted ties are characterized by their textured, loosely-woven appearance, their absence of a lining (hold one up to the light and it will shine through) and slightly springy feel. These ties complete the look when wearing with the suit but do so in a cool and casual manner. They can also be paired to create a sharp casual outfit when wearing our performance denim, stretch poplin shirt and tie. Opt for a solid navy, burgundy or grey and you can’t go wrong.