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2017 in Review & 2018 in Anticipation

Written By: Karen Gasbarino-Knutt

Happy New Year to our battletested tribe.

May this find you well and ready to tackle 2018. We at Ædelhard had a very busy and productive 2017, and are excited to see what 2018 has in store for us, and for you as well.

Thank you all, players and supporters alike, for your support and for the great number of shares on social media of the profiles we’ve done on the great individuals and clubs that keep the cogs and wheels of rugby going in Canada and beyond with so much care and passion. 

Since Ædelhard launched just over a year ago, we’ve brought our tribe many great illustrations of the battletested individuals and teams that make up our great sport, leading to the launch at the beginning of October of our newsletter The Scrum. Each week we provide to you curated and current rugby news from around North America and the globe, as well as three unique pieces; personal glimpses highlighting the commitment that is evident in each facet of the game.

Our Ædelhard team consists of writers who bring the rugby experience to life. We know our players and sport, and are as passionate about the oval ball as you are. You've said you want to see more of the same, so that will continue to be The Scrum's aim in 2018, especially with the 7s World Cup and the Commonwealth Games being played this year, as well as the exciting lead-up to Rugby World Cup next year in Japan. 

We want to produce the content you are interested in. Examples of pieces that you enjoyed in 2017:

For anyone who knows what it means to be team, Brock Smith provided these insights:
Mark Janzen wrote about Rugby women who intrigue us:
With Toronto fortunate to host the Invictus Games this past October, Chris Perotte offered readers an engaging five-part wheelchair rugby focus on the players who found hope and renewed energy through their new game:
Rugby supporters are also interested in what players are doing once they hang up their boots. Chris and I have written profiles on post-career choices:
Former player Andrea Burk has joined Ædelhard's writing team to offer insight about life on the pitch from her unique perspective of one who spent so much time there:  
Doug Crosse brings his considerable rugby knowledge to stories of great significance to those among us who have followed rugby’s growth in North America:

Pieces such as these make our game tick. They ignite the passion in all of us. They help Ædelhard to grow our tribe.

Last year we didn’t just write about the game – we were also fortunate enough to attend some great rugby events, such as Rugby Ontario’s Mag7s event, the popular NY7s, and Canada's debut stop on the World Sevens Circuit, the Vancouver 7s.

This year there will be much the same so we can meet you on your pitches and in your clubhouses. You are committed to growing the game. We’re here to contribute to that vision, to be what you want a brand that is synonymous with rugby to be. We want to hear from you. Tell us what you want to see, where you'd like our focus to be.

The call to action for Ædelhard is clear: to support grass roots rugby programs in your communities. Let’s work together to step up coaching levels and elevate the training of youth rugby. To that end, Ædelhard will donate 2% of its sales to developing youth rugby. It is our goal to have rugby become a Top 5 sport in North America by 2022.

To accompany our growing catalogue of rugby inspired accessories (from toques to water bottles, finely crafted rugby balls to backpacks and duffels), your rugby brand is on the cusp of bringing you the much anticipated launch of our Performance Tailoring line of clothing. 

This year we are introducing shirting, blazers and trousers that take on-pitch technical fabrics for off-pitch apparel. We are focusing on fitting for muscular and athletic bodies; great looking and great feeling apparel for you. It's what you want as a discerning rugby player or supporter. You want to work hard on the pitch or at the gym and bring your performance to your work life. 

Our performance tailoring suiting, the most comfortable suits and dress shirts in the world, is being battle tested in the coming months and launching in the summer, and is expected in retail shops for the 2018 holiday season.

We are growing and expanding in 2018, and as always we invite you, our Tribe, along for the ride. We look forward to seeing you, and to seeing you in Ædelhard.

All the best for 2018.