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The Office Shirt

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If you're a dress shirt kind of guy, or need a crisp shirt to pair with your suit, you'll want our performance Office Shirt. With a soft, luxurious feel its built with stretch for all-day comfort. You can dress it up with our Performance Blazer or pair it with The Office Trouser or Performance Denim for a casual look.

Designed using premium bamboo-rayon knit fabric that is soft and exceptionally breathable, it offers a four-way stretch for maximum mobility. It is the modern dress shirt that wears like second skin, giving you a polished look with the fit and performance of technical wear.

Note: The Sky Blue shirt is not a solid color but a micro-crosshatch knit pattern.

• Rounded hem for tucked or untucked wear
• Roomier front panel for comfort and flex
• Superior anti-bacterial breathability
• Classic point collar with bluff edges
• Collar for wear with or without a tie
• Extra stretch in collar and cuffs
• Back darting for a clean silhouette
• 63% Cotton/31% Nylon/6% Lycra

Easy-care fabric: machine wash gentle in cold water with similar colours and hang to dry

The Gøds Are Speaking

"Comfy and stylish. Can fit any occasion and feels amazing to wear. Great quality product."


"Buy it. You don't even know what you are missing."


"The material, fit and comfort are the best!"



Gøds nead to move their arms and legs to fight Niflheim.

Machine Washable

Gøds don't have time for dry cleaners.


Gøds defeat the underwørld using strength, not stink.


We're Gøds, not karl. Stiff clothes are for Draugr.


Every body type needs stretch, durability and comfort on their way to Valahalla.


Gøds get dirty but have an image to uphold. They must look their best when battling Niflheim.


Gøds defeat the underwørld using strength, not stink. Gøds wear Ædelhard to smell good.