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Toronto Arrows v Seattle Seawolves - A Snapshot of an MLR Semi-final

Photos by Mark Janzen

Intro by Karen Gasbarino

Those who view Mark’s photo stories know that the photos themselves tell a story of a thousand words. In this case, the intensity is written on the players’ faces and in their actions. The Seattle Seawolves were out for a big win at home after a lackluster final few games of the regular season, and the Toronto Arrows were riding the high of a seven-game winning streak that they hoped would carry them forward to the MLR quest for the shield in this, their inaugural season.

In the end, the Arrows have shown the MLR that they are a meaningful addition to the league and are in it for the long haul, but they could not pull off the big win they were all hoping for. It was not to be as they fell to the Seawolves 30-17 at Starfire Stadium, which can be said was on fire with the 16th man rallying in a very big way behind their Seattle team. Never has the hashtag #TogetherWeHunt been more accurate. The supporters and the squad were one team together at every scrum and every tackle. Toronto tried to defend but simply could not put up the fight needed to get the victory they sought so fervently, though moments in the second half had everyone tuned in wondering if they might just pull off the upset.

It is a great time to be a rugby supporter in North America. This was a great story to tell, and we hope it is a great story to “read” for you. Both teams fought bravely and the match was indeed entertaining for fans on both sides of the border. It sets the tone so nicely for what lays in store for year number three of the MLR and year number two for strong fledgling Toronto.

This weekend Seattle defends the Shield against the San Diego Legion who are ready to take the Shield and the title at home. Stay tuned…..