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Watch Styles

Regardless of their station in life, for some mysterious reason men seem to give extra thought to their chosen timepiece. It speaks more than to their fashion sense; it’s representative of who they are. An ironman watch might suggest the strong, athletic type. An expensive gold watch might point to flash – a gentleman who is proud of how he’s done in life. A fine timepiece with a leather band may point to its owner’s fine car or motorcycle.

Most discerning men own multiple pieces for different occasions, and some take great pride in their watch collection. A single timepiece is enough to let people know the modern gentleman’s standards and values. It is the ultimate accessory, the definitive fashion statement.

Since the introduction of ‘electric watches’ in the 1950s, men in particular have clamoured to be the owner of certain sought-after models. Characters in classic films are synonymous with the watches they wore. Often, we associate the watch worn by our favourite male star with them or the roles they’re famous for .

Watches differentiate the modern gentlemen from the boys. They have got a lot to do with psychology and how people estimate your presence. A watch can tell your story impeccably.

Just like any accessory, the style of your watch needs to match your look. The core elements to any timepiece would be the band and the face, from the width and material of the band to the shape and size of the face. Simple and elegant to ‘fully loaded’ with options, today’s watches are definitely as individual as their wearer.

In the modern era a gentleman can find any colour, shape, quality, and price of watch. What should you look for in order to pair your timepiece with your outfit or the occasion?

The Band

When considering which band to wear, leather can make an outfit more formal than a metal bracket. Consider wearing your strap for formal events. It is important to recognize that the leather band of your watch should compliment other leather you wear. Matching your watch to your shoes is a subtle way to be more refined. Try pairing a brown leather watch with your navy 24hr blazer.

Metal brackets on the other hand have a more luxurious feel as they are commonly seen in higher end watches. Whether you are going into a meeting or out for drinks, the glimmer of a metal watch is a perfect way to tie your outfit together. Similar to the leather band, metal straps compliment other metal accessories like cufflinks and belt buckles. A silver metal bracket can pair perfectly with our charcoal union rugby pullover.

The Face

The size and look of the watch face is vital when choosing a watch for an outfit. In the age of smartwatches, the watch face can either dress up or dress down your outfit.

For formal events it is important to limit the number of complications on your watch. Dress watches limit the number of hands and dials. A classic dress watch has a single dial, an hour and minute hand. The size of the watch face needs to be limited to a 38mm watch face. The watch should not overpower your outfit.

Business events will follow similar rules for formal events. The watch should never overpower the outfit. It is important to be cognizant of smartwatches in your business endeavours. Although there are many watches that can elevate your look, they can be seen as a distraction when alarms and sounds are coming from your wrist. You don’t have to stay away from wearable tech but be conscious of the disturbance that they may pose. There are days when less is more.

Casual events allow for more personal choice and style. Fashion is a way to express your personality and a watch is a great way to do so. Casual watches can have more functionality and be larger, more colourful, with all the bells and whistles. In this case, the watch becomes a point of discussion rather than something that all admire from a distance.

Whatever event that you find yourself in, wearing the right watch can tie together your entire outfit. Whether it has a leather or metal band, large face or small, watches will offer the modern gentleman that amazing, classy look to stand out from the crowd and pull together your entire outfit.