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The Modern Gentleman’s Taste: Whisky Sour

As passionate connoisseurs of whisky, we strive to help the modern gentleman discover his signature cocktail. In doing so, it enables us to grow as individuals and expand our knowledge. Inclusivity, a word best to describe this cocktail which is frequently considered the best way to introduce guests to the remarkable world of whiskies.

The whisky sour, a simple, refined, and respected cocktail that remains a preferred choice among the sour drinks & whisky cocktails. A blend of sweet-citrus taste with the natural whisky flavour is often hard to forget. Finding the right balance between the whisky sour ingredients will develop overtime, but is a delicate creation and needs attention to the details, much like many things that require appreciation. With an extensive history dating back to the 18th century, the whisky sour has evolved into many variations. For those who never tire of the essentials, the standard ingredients are as follows:

  • Distilled spirit.
  • Fresh lemon juice; the key ingredient to its name (sour).
  • Sweetener.
  • Garnish (citrus peel or maraschino cherry).

A classic whisky choice is often a bourbon, the smooth oaky-vanilla with notes of caramel blends well with the other ingredients. Whisky has a way of adding a hearty flavour to cocktails and builds one’s character. Another alternative for the seasoned gentleman is Irish whiskey, known for its rich and smooth palate as it undergoes a triple-distillation procedure.

Much like the Old-Fashioned creative minds have expanded styles for the whisky sour. They’ve mixed and fashioned various ingredients, only enough to unfold flavours, but staying true to its character. These cocktails eventually caught attention and have become the modern essentials for many. Some of these varieties include:

  • Using brandy, such as cognac as a base. This gives a sweeter taste to the overall drink.
  • Add egg white. Alternately called the Boston sour. This is a favourite of many connoisseurs for the slightly thicker texture and foam in the drink.
  • Gently pour medium to full-bodied red wine for a New York sour.
  • Add marmalade for sweetener and drops of angostura bitters: The natural citrus of marmalade topped with bitters won’t cross over the sweet boundaries, but enough to indulge in a new taste.
  • Using maple syrup instead of original sweeteners. Add a pinch of ground cinnamon and you’ve found a classic holiday drink.

Give these variations a try. Continue to expand your knowledge, develop your style, and be inclusive. Understanding your signature cocktail means using your own power of judgement, much like the modern gentleman would.