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GET STRONGER with Harry Jones

Vancouver’s own Canada Sevens Captain Harry Jones has played for Canada’s 15s and Sevens since 2012, and appeared with Canada at the 2015 World Cup as fullback. Since 2015 he has concentrated on his Sevens career and has used his fantastic leadership abilities to help keep the team unified through a lot of change. A positive force and person, Harry is also a proud ambassador for Kidsport and gives his time freely. We reached out to Harry to see what the day-to-day for this Captain looks like:

In your opinion, what is the most important fitness exercise for a rugby player?

HJ: I would say some form of higher speed interval fitness. Rugby is a lot easier if you aren’t sucking wind the whole time.

What is your favourite exercise to do during your workout?

HJ: Trap bar squat jumps, I enjoy the explosive aspect of it.

How often do you eat throughout the day? What foods make up your daily diet?

HJ: I eat around five times a day so I can try to get the right amount of protein intake per day. The usual items include protein smoothies, overnight oats, lots of greens, fish, eggs, tofu, beans, and lentils. Peanut butter is a staple too!

How has your approach to exercise changed throughout the years?

HJ: I have definitely added in a lot more prehabilitation exercises rather than just hitting heavy weights, and a lot more speed and conditioning has been added in too. You definitely need a base strength to play our game, but lifting heavy weights doesn’t always transfer over to being a good rugby player.

What is a piece of advice to get through low motivation days?

HJ: Surround yourself with likeminded people who have similar goals. It’s always easier to be motivated if you know or see other people on your team putting the in work.

How do you recover after tough training days?

HJ: I take cold plunges in the ocean or ice baths at training/in the tub. The cold shock helps my body recover and resets my mind. I’ll toss in yoga once or twice a week as well and incorporate some pool recovery too.

What is your favourite cheat day meal?

HJ: Primastrada pizza in Victoria or a cheeky donut and coffee with the boys.

What group fitness classes do you attend?

HJ: Hot yoga, spin, HIIT classes. I’ve been trying out some Lagree West classes which have been surprisingly hard and fun too.

How has your fitness changed between 7s/15s throughout the years?

HJ: I have definitely leaned out a bit after going full time 7s. Since switching, I have dropped a little bit of weight and focused on being the fittest and most explosive I can be!