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How To Properly Care For Your Beard

If you do it right, your beard can be an important part of your personality. It can exude the style befitting the modern gentleman.

It isn’t just about appearances, it’s about self-love. Men are spending more time on their appearances and on how they style themselves. The modern gentleman’s beard is the ultimate accessory – if it is cared for properly.

Though No Shave November was initially a cancer awareness program called Movemeber, it hasn’t taken long for it to become a social media sensation for men all over the world to unite together to share styles and celebrate their own and each other’s facial hair self-expression. Despite the fact that No Shave November is still a good nine months away, anytime is a good time for the modern gentleman to grow his facial hair and hone the skills needed to put his best face forward.

Here is our best advice for taking care of your beard in 2019 and beyond:


Whenever we’re talking about hair care, we cannot NOT talk about oiling. Oil is one of the best things that will happen to your hair – any hair. When it comes to beard hair, because people tend to wash their faces quite often, a gentleman will notice that beard hair tends to lose its natural oils much more quickly than the hair on our head.

Thus, beard oil will become the new best friend and favourite accessory for the bearded gentleman. It will ensure that your beard regularly gets the natural hydration that it needs to grow nicely, feel smooth, be healthy, and look sharp.


The modern gentleman will take care of his beard to make heads turn toward him, and not away. There is nothing more unkempt (or as unhygienic for that matter) as a man with a less than stellar beard. Your beard can be longer in length or shaped after the style of your favourite celebrity, but it will lose all attractiveness if it is not perfectly clean, trimmed, and combed.

Appearances aside, if you don’t wash your beard regularly with shampoo and conditioner, the quality of your beard is going to deteriorate quickly, and this can affect the skin on your face, both under your beard and around it. Another pitfall if you don’t precisely care for your beard could be dandruff. A gentleman in a beautiful suit with a great beard does not want to be seen itching it. This would definitely spoil the overall presentation.


We don’t mean here that you have to schedule time with your stylist every week. Sometimes you just need to take responsibility for your own hair.

All hair grows best when it is regularly trimmed, and you may also notice that all hair does not grow at the same rate. This can be quite obvious with beard hair, as it is so important for it to be a uniform look, regardless of length. So, it’s time you learn how to work an electric trimmer or scissors, whichever tools you choose to employ.

If you’re a beginner, we suggest you stick with scissors as they will give you better control than an electric trimmer. You don’t want to chip off that three-month-old growth by accident.

Trimming your beard often also allows you to control how your beard grows. You can decide where you want it to be thick and where you want it to be light as a breeze. While you’re at it, you will need to remember to often trim through your neck line.


It might not seem like a point related to taking care of your beard, but it is. Staying hydrated, eating healthy, working out – all are some of the things that have a direct impact on your health.

Protein is vital for your physical health, and helps hair, skin, and nails as well. The modern gentleman wants to put his best foot forward so will take care of his entire person.

Simply put, it doesn’t make sense to have fantastic beard if a person is not nurturing the rest of himself. A balanced diet is all you need to stay healthy and make sure you have a great, healthy, and fabulous looking beard.

There are no secrets to growing or taking care of your beard if you give it the time it deserves to look like you feel – successful, professional, athletic, and ready to take on the world (or date night). Things are fairly straight forward here. The only thing that matters is that you figure out what works best for your beard. Trial and error really is the only way to go. Try different combinations of beard oils and shampoos formulated especially for your beard. Once you find the right daily routine for you, stick to it; you’ll be ready by the time No Shave November rounds the corner, and beyond.

All that remains is to stand and watch while your beard does the talking for you – the modern gentleman.