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From Good Grooming to Great Styling: 8 Toiletries Must-Haves for Men

Gone are the days when mothers and wives were primarily responsible for stocking up men’s wardrobes and vanities. The strength of the ‘equality revolution’ has been two-fold, allowing men to take the reigns for their grooming in their own hands, and they are much more aware of their hygiene and grooming than ever before. Whether married or working or not, men are taking their skin, hair, and beards seriously.

If you haven’t yet joined the Modern Gentleman’s revolution, now is a great time to start taking optimal care of yourself. Add these eight most basic men’s grooming toiletries to your bathroom cabinets and travel kits to begin self-care in the most effective way possible:

1. Soap: No Longer Basic Bathing

There are a proliferation of soaps and body washes, from the inexpensive store-shelf
variety to exclusive brands that are manufactured with your skin in mind. Handmade
soaps are quite popular and all for the right reasons. Find what suits your skin the best,
and make sure to extra on hand in order to avoid spur-of-the-moment purchases.

2. Shampoo and Conditioner: Hair Says A Lot About You

No matter where men travel, a shower is instant relief on long stressful days. Due to
increasing pollution and traffic dust everywhere, your hair can damage easily. Taking
care with a good-quality shampoo and conditioner helps battle environmental toxins.
Even more relaxing if your partner is around to give you a soothing head massage
followed by a luxurious shampoo session. What say?

3. Shaving Kit: (Or Rather: Beard Kit)

Shaving is the most common routine in men’s lives. It gives them the desired look that
suits the occasion. Branded razors and shaving creams could leave you with smoother
and softer skin. However, the trend has seen a shift, and many men are all into beards.
Get a great beard grooming kit to have an on-point look every day!

4. Hand Towels: Absolute Necessity

Good hand towels are inevitable for a bathroom or travel kit, and it is better to have
more of them and change them out often. Soft hand towels often give a good after-
wash feel irrespective of gender, and the modern gentleman never wants to be caught
off guard not having his best out for himself and guests at all times.

5. Facial Scrub: Exfoliate for an Optimum Beard/Shave

Face scrubs are essential for exfoliating skin, and to remove dead cells to put your best
face forward. It opens pores, cleans them, and gives the needed room for the facial hair
to grow. Rejuvenate your skin with an apropos facial scrub, and make its use a habit for
a better look.

6. Facial Toner: Clarify Your Skin from Within

A superior quality facial toner is among the foremost toiletries that men prefer having
with them. It helps to shrink pores, acts as a moisturizer, and refreshes the skin. For
men with oily skin or acne, toner could be very effective. With many toners available on
the market these days, you need to choose the best one that suits your particular skin
tone and needs.

7. Lip Balm: Carry it Along

Using Lip Balm avoids lips chapping due to dry or windy conditions. Further, their sun
protection features prevent the lips from burning and protects them from harmful sun
rays as well.

8. Cologne/After Shave: A Great Scent is a Must-Have

Last but not least, good cologne is always a must for any man. The first thing anyone
notices about you is your scent. Having a good cologne relieves stress, allowing the
modern gentleman to feel more attractive and confident. It also helps you stay fresh
when stuck in airports, meetings, or traffic jams. Thus, cologne needs to be an essential
item in the toiletry bag of every man. As they say, “Good manners and good cologne are
what transforms the man into a gentleman!”

All these are the essential toiletries every man should use to stay organized and on top of basic hygiene as well as to pamper one’s self. Indeed, it is always important to look and feel your sharpest, cleanest self, as it greatly affects your professional and personal life. So, always keep these essential toiletries with you to uplift your grooming habits and enhance your great styling!