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The Modern Gentlemen’s Taste: Old-Fashioned

In our recent blog, we discussed what makes the palatable flavours of whisky. As connoisseurs of this golden-spirit, we now share our extensive expertise to help the modern gentleman find his signature cocktail, one that he can carry throughout the years and be passed on. We start our ventures with what we consider an Aedelhard quintessential.

The old-fashioned, for the gentlemen who fancy the sweeter-flavours that this refined cocktail
entails. A classic choice that evokes qualities of an individual such as polished and well-
respected. It is widely acknowledged within the whisky enthusiasts that its name originated in
18th century by a private gentlemen’s group from Louisville, Kentucky, named Pendennis Club. These men were invested in culture, health, and the finer-refreshments in life. They often requested to have their cocktails made the ‘old-fashioned way’. In this day and age, traditions break and there are now numerous styles to this drink.

A classic choice for the old-fashioned was Rye whisky giving it a spicier kick. Shifting preferences has opted many for the sweeter bourbon flavours. Other base-spirits have made a name within the old-fashioned family such as brandy, gin, and tequila. This historic blend has modified with societies progressing tastes, altering what once was original. As modern gentlemen, we should feel obligated to continue an admiration to classic standards in a new manner.

Progressing with society, we at Ædelhard have incorporated the modern old-fashioned drink
with the core focus on specific details, an essential quality that is never overlooked. Some necessary equipment is needed, however the old-fashioned demands very little. This list involves:

  • Rock Glass
  • Shaker
  • Stirring utensil
  • Bar jigger
  • Flame

The Process:
We start with ice as an essential in almost every drink. It not only offers a cold finish, but
slightly dilutes the old-fashioned. Slowly giving it a smoother character. Use the bar jigger to
pour 2 shots of whisky. On the other-side of the bar jigger, measure out ½ shots of simple
syrup. To enhance the flavour, add 2-3 dashes of bitters; a spirit infused with herbs, fruits, and leaves. Conclusively end with an Aedelhard touch by flaming an orange twist, swash it around the cup, and let it infused the flavours together.

Ingredients included:

  • Ice
  • Whisky
  • Simple syrup – a neutral, sweet additive
  • Bitters – spirit infused with herbs, fruits, and leaves
  • Orange pee

The main premise of the old-fashioned is giving close attention to details. Appreciation for the
flavour of the whisky will be lost if too much ingredients are added. Go abroad and give other
whiskies, blends, and garnishes a try, and let us know how ours suit-up against the rest.