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Spring Layering Series Part 1: Denim Casual


Some things never go out of style; seeing your favourite band live, sharing a bottle of wine on your patio in the middle of July and your classic jean jacket. Whether it’s oversized, slim fit, designer or acid-washed – we all have our iconic denim jacket hanging in our closet that has gained too much sentimental value to ever consider throwing out. Aedelhard puts timelessness at the forefront of its design process by ensuring all the designs and colours used will never go out of style, and coincidentally will also pair nicely with the right denim jacket.

We can’t talk about a jean jacket without paying homage to the founder himself, Levi Strauss. The textile first made an appearance in the late 1800s for the purpose of utility and suppressing breathability. Both thick and durable, denim became the perfect fabric for labourers in the Industrial Era, especially with it being less flammable compared to other fabrics. Denim soon became a staple for the worker’s uniform where the same jeans or jean jacket was worn every day. An unintended benefit arose where the more the body wore, moved in and sweated in the fabric, the more the denim creased and molded to their shape, thus creating a piece like no other which was fitted to a unique silhouette.

Decades later and vintage jeans became all the rave, each piece just subtly different enough to suit the person who wears them. Inevitably the textile became popular in Hollywood where it exuded the romance often affiliated with nostalgia. Both in the office or at the bar, jeans were, and still are, seen everywhere. What once started as a trend seen on TV, soon became a sight so popular in all environments it turned into an accepted norm.

How To:

There are not many rules to look for when pairing your jean jacket with a dress shirt. Popular displays of how to wear this statement piece include:

  • The Neutral: Long and covering the undershirt
  • The Sneak-peak: Short and showing some of the dress shirt cuff
  • The Notable: Rolling back the jean jacket cuff by one fold
  • The Experimental: Folding up the cuff to the elbows neatly
  • The Artist: Pulling the cuff back to the elbow in a messy manner

Pro Tip:

The styling of the cuff is how many express their individual style.

Where To Wear:

  • Night Out
  • Errands
  • Casual Restaurant
  • Coffee Shop

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