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Spring Layering Series Part 2: Blazer and Sweater Casual


Regardless how it may look, if your sweater doesn’t provide comfort, it’s not worth wearing. A good sweater is classic and warrants no introduction.

Add a blazer on top of your sweater hoodie and you’ve instantly transformed your lazy Sunday look into an elevated version of itself. We’re not just talking about any blazer, we’re specifically talking about our Performance Blazer for 2 main reasons. First, our blazer doesn’t sacrifice comfort as it’s equally as comfortable as any other sweater. Second, despite the surprising level of comfort you’ll feel, you won’t have to compromise on the actual look of the blazer as it still maintains a level of elegance and class seen in its designer counterparts.

Pro Tip:

We advise wearing a thinner fabric sweater as a thick one would cause some bunching to occur under the blazer, making it a bit awkward to put on.

Tailoring Tip:

Pull the sweater cuffs to show 0.5” to 3/4” under the blazer to replicate the look of wearing a dress shirt.

How To:

In this example, a white sweater was chosen to provide a level of contrast to the blazer since 2 similar tones between both pieces would camouflage the beauty of the blazer’s lapel, which would take away from the look. The lapel is a significant detail that draws the viewer’s eye. Contrast can be accomplished in both colour or texture; white and navy is just one example of many that will create the same effect.

Looking for the perfect blazer to accomplish this look? Look no further and find it by clicking HERE.