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Spring Layering Series Part 3: Dressing up a Casual Cardigan


This look embodies effortless versatility. As an Urban Traveller, time is of the essence and you want to spend the least amount of time possible deciding what to wear. Appearance and functionality are a precarious balance, but the proper use of a sophisticated cardigan will allow you to achieve multiple stylish looks without a second thought. Start off your day by skipping the formalities and pairing a cardigan with your dress shirt and tie for a simple yet dapper way to achieve a business casual look. Take it up a notch in the afternoon by throwing a blazer over the cardigan for an eye-catching layered look. This quick addition allows you to execute an interchangeable outfit on the go.

How To:

Choose your cardigan based on what its intended functionality is. You may want to use your cardigan as a less-formal version of a tux vest, or emphasize this stand alone piece for a clean casual look in the absence of a blazer. Additionally, you can wrap your cardigan around your shoulders for an East Coast nautical aesthetic.

Where To Wear:

  • Weekend getaway
  • Sunday brunch
  • Family dinner

Find the pieces needed to dress up your cardigan HERE!