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Spring Layering Series Part 4: The Puffer Vest


The puffer vest has become a fan favourite amongst most menswear magazines in the past decade. A prime example is GQ; this piece is a go-to layering element for their Fall/Winter looks. With its recent rise in popularity, the puffer vest has now become a statement piece for any man buying tailoring goods due to its ability to achieve a look no other coat or jacket can.

The cut of the puffer vest is similar to the cut of a tuxedo vest so the pattern is able to seamlessly pair with a classic dress shirt and pant. This swap in vest style completely changes its utility and removes a level of formality in the outfit typically found in a full suit. This enables you to “suit-up” (or better yet, “suit-down”) more accordingly to the business-casual dress code seen recently in a growing number of businesses, especially start-ups. A tuxedo’s vest also has pocketing that is impractical as anything put in the pockets will instantly make the vest bulge, ruining the silhouette. The puffer vest eliminates this obstacle by introducing warmth and practical pocketing. Most puffer vests are made with a nylon fabric that does not wrinkle when the pockets are packed which allows the silhouette of the entire outfit not to be jeopardized while providing a maximum level of utility.

How To:

The vest plays an important role in 2 looks common for the Modern Gentleman:

  • Incorporate the vest as a secondary layer that separates the dress shirt from the blazer for a unique spin on a popular Fall look.
  • Substitute your blazer for a vest during cool Spring weather to have a light layer over your dress shirt without fear of overheating.

Where To Wear:

  • City strolls on cooler days
  • Work commute in the Fall under a blazer
  • At work (dress code and environment permitting)

Find the pieces needed to complete the look HERE