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W(orking Out)FH

We’re not entirely sure, but we think it’s about day 3472829 since the gyms have closed, and only few are starting to re-open with plenty of restrictions in place. It hasn’t been easy, especially for those of us confined to our little apartments who aren’t even able to access the gyms in our buildings. We recognize that a lot of studios have been doing awesome live workouts and virtual sessions and to them we are thankful. But, for a lot of us, our motivation is starting to waver and our dedication to create a regular at-home routine may be diminishing the longer we stay cooped up. Maybe you’re overwhelmed with the options you have to pick from online and don’t know where to begin, or maybe you just can’t find the right fit for you. We’ve been there and we get it, so we’ve compiled a list of our top picks from our WFH staff at Ædelhard and wanted to share them with you! Check out these awesome and adaptable ways to get you shaking and sweating so you can feel like the fitspo you are:

Instagram Accounts


This duo are the self-proclaimed King and Queen of HIIT. They post daily HIIT workouts on Instagram with longer versions on Youtube which give you the opportunity to workout alongside them. Each workout focuses on a certain area or activity type, highlights the primary and secondary muscles used in each exercise, and gives you a guideline to follow to get the most out of your workout. It’s no wonder they have over a million loyal followers! Take it from us – incorporating these workouts into your weekly routine will show results and introduce you to tons of exercises that you’ve never tried before!


This couple provides similar HIIT exercises to mrandmrsmuscle with slight variations in formatting and techniques. Their app comes with 2 months of free workouts, so what better time to try it out? Add this account to your following list for some extra motivation and inspiration to spice up your workouts since they can be done anywhere. Seriously, most of their videos are filmed in different environments!


What better way to convince yourself that you can workout at home than by watching someone workout from his home nearly every day? Not just any regular ‘someone’, this fitness coach and former college athlete is making his quarantine-friendly workouts easy for everyone to do with limited equipment and a little creativity. Follow along with his Instagram posts or with his free IG lives to feel like you’re in your favourite fitness class pre-isolation!

Favourite At-Home Exercises

Now that you’re inspired, here’s some of our favourite W(orkout)FH exercises. Who knows, maybe you’ll get so committed to these you’ll forget about your gym when it re-opens!

No dumbbells? No problem.

Raid your pantry, find those cans that you stocked up on at the beginning of quarantine yet haven’t touched, and use those bad boys for a little added weight. Whether you’re doing bicep curls, squats, or weighted sit-ups, adding a bit more weight using objects you find around the home can give you that extra push you didn’t think was in you. Alternative options include: wine bottles, water jugs, and bags of produce.

Grab that chair you’ve been sitting on all day and incorporate it into your workout!

At this point you’ve probably seen your chair more than you’ve seen your family members. Now that you’re closely acquainted with it, let’s take it to the next level. Work those triceps by placing your hands on the seat and doing a round of dips. Flip it over and do a round of elevated pushups. Finish it off by sitting with your legs raised and a 90 degree angle at your knees, extend and contract your legs in unison for your boat to low boats.

Give it your w(ALL)

Find your favourite wall at home and get ready to get upside down. Inverted exercises add a whole new level of burn to your regular exercises and help build your upper body strength and balance much faster than many other traditional methods. Our favourites are listed below and we’ve included some helpful videos as a reference tool that show you the exercise at the beginning so you can mimic their form when doing it at home!

Hand stand shoulder touch: facing the wall with your toes being the only thing touching the wall while you alternate touching your opposite shoulder with each hand

Inverted crunches: while on your forearms, make a 90 degree angle between your torso and your legs which are propped up on your bed or on a wall and take turns crunching each leg into your core before returning

Hand stand leg hover: facing away from the wall with your legs using it for support, alternate dropping each leg forward and see if you can make a 90 degree angle between your torso and your leg before returning it to the wall

Ready to get ripped? We sure are! Feel free to share your favourite at-home workouts and techniques with us so we can start using them too.

The recommendations and opinions listed in this article are written with the intention to support healthy living and are not medical claims. We do not endorse any of the recommendations listed in the article, we are only presenting them as considerations and not actual fact. There is a possibility of injury with each suggestion listed. Please consult a medical professional for any questions or concerns regarding the medical implications that exist with each recommendation in this article.